Natural Incense

A seven-piece band from the Central Coast of California, Natural Incense is dedicated to creating high quality, high energy live performances.

Our dynamic sound combines tasteful composure with three-part vocal harmonies and powerful lyrics. Our blend of music cannot be defined as reggae or reggae/rock. So we simply call it California Music. Made from the best of California.

Currently recording our fifth studio album, we have welcomed four new members to the Ni family, and this album is shaping up to be our best work yet! Indvidually we are strong, but together we are so much more. We strive to be memorable, to stand out in the crowd and give you, the listener, something to hold onto, long after the music has stopped playing.


- Our New Blog - 

in the near future we will be posting some fun stuff here. we're thinking about getting some audio from practices and setting it up as a podcast for everyone to check out. while we can't make a full tour work at the moment, this could be a fun way to get the 'live' Natural Incense sound to everyone.

there may even be a chance for some exclusive content and contest features. along with us being able to post to you, this will be a place where all Natural Incense music fans can post audio and photos straight to us as well. 
let us know your ideas and thoughts and we'll try to make this a more frequent thing!

thanks for all of your love and support

-Natural Incense


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